• Blue Metallic Fidget Spinner

    • Great Toy for Fidgeters, anxiety, focusing, ADHD, Autism, Quitting Bad Habits, Staying Awake
    • Ideal for people addicted to nail biting, smoking, leg shaking and all type of attention disorder issues
    • Ergonomic curved shape designed for hand comfort and long term usage
    • High Speed Hybrid Ceramic ball in the center to ensure the smoothest rotation and consistency
     699 1,100
  • Flying Disc, Ultimate Frisbee Disc

    • Fun playing,Enjoy picnic dates, recreational actives, and a visit in the park more with this set of Ultimate Frisbee. Have fun playing catch with your friends and even your pet dogs.
    • Safe and Durable PVC Material,The flying disc adopts quality PVC material, which is non-toxic and safe to use. Both adult and kids could play the flying disc confidently. Besides, the disc is lightweight and not easy to be broken. Players will not feel hurt when the sports disc hit body.
    • This Flying Saucer Set is a great gift idea for kids and loved ones during birthdays, Christmas and other celebrations. Also perfect for birthday party favors, giveaways and prizes.
    • Both adult and kid could play the flying disc for leisure and entertainment in garden, patio or beach or outdoor. Besides, simple disc throw and catch could improve men and women muscle strength, stability, reaction, flexibility and accuracy.
  • Frisbee Throwing Disc Kids Play

    • 10 inches in diameter
    • fun time with your kids, friends, families and even pets
  • Lighht Weiight Ball For Kids

    • Rubber
    • Lighht Weiight
    • Air Infllating
  • Pair of 2 Frisbie Disc

  • Inflatable Pool

    • Intex Crystal Blue Three Ring Inflatable Paddling Pool, 45″ x 10″
    • Ideal for ages 3 & up!
    • 3 separate and Equal Rings!
    • Repair Patch Included!
    • Item Weight 785 g
    • Box Dimensions 29.5 x 26.7 x 3.3 cm
     1,900 2,000

    Inflatable Pool

     1,900 2,000
  • Big Tent Series Play House Tent With Soft Plastic Balls

    • Breathable, bright, flat frame, portable and simple structure
    • Steel support and easy to use
    • Easy to open and fold anywhere
    • Suitable age: 3-7 years, 7-10 years
    • Size: 90 cm x 90 cm x 110 cm
    • Material: Cloth
    • With soft plastic balls
     4,390 4,500
  • Deep Dive Paddling Pool

    • Deep Dive3-Ring Pool
    • Safety valves
    • Sturdy pre-tested vinyl
    • 3 equal rings
    • Designed water capacity: 480 L
     3,400 5,000

    Deep Dive Paddling Pool

     3,400 5,000
  • Cycle – 12 Frozen – AY20 – Turquoise

    • Very Beautiful
    • Cool Color and Design
    • Four Wheel Easy Balance
     13,999 15,000
  • Intex Dinosaur 3 Ring Baby Pool (24 in x 8.5 in)

    • Holds up to 9 gallons of water, Inflated size: 24 in x 8.5 in
    • Maximum water depth below top ring: about 5.5 in
    • Soft inflatable floor for comfort, recommended age: 1 to 3 years old
    • Frosted PVC design
    • Include repair patch
     925 1,850
  • Boys & Girls Kids Scooty/ Scooter

    • Ways to Have Fun – It is a kick scooter.
    • Enjoy A Safe Ride
    • The scooter is easy for your child to master, using the assisted motor.
     2,550 5,000
  • Kids Scooty Boys & Girls Scooter

    • Ways to Have Fun – It is a kick scooter.
    • Enjoy A Safe Ride – The scooter is easy for your child to master, using the assisted motor.
    • Bringing Family Together – The kick scooter is perfect for kids ages 6-12 up to 154lbs. The Assembly is simple and can be done together, safely install the few screws and your scooter is ready to go! Supervision while riding is also suggested
     2,990 4,000

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